Monday, March 24, 2014

Bucket List 2014

I recently had a birthday breakfast with a friend who decided to start striking things off of her bucket list as a result of turning another year older.  She and I talked for hours, and she challenged me to create my own bucket list, a challenge she had to repeat after a previous conversation regarding said list showed no results. I'm not a fan of the bucket list.  I pretty much try to live each day as if it was my last. Morbid, I know. Or realistic. Your choice.

Instead of a bucket list, every year I add to my Done It list.  I've posted it here before.  I don't like to feel like I'm bragging. But I'm bragging.

Done It List
I was born.

In three separate instances, broke my nose, arm and paper-cut my eyeball.  Tore my rotator cuff.  Had a benign tumor removed from my neck.

Have visited almost all 50 states. Still on the list-Wisconsin, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska. Have traveled to Europe and British Columbia, Canada, visiting these European countries: Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic.

Seen and done these things: The Little Mermaid Statue, Berlin Wall, St. Charles Bridge, Bergen Belsen, Mozart's Birthplace, Anne Frank House, Praha Opera House (saw Rigoletto), British Columbian Rain Forests, Bungee Jumped over a river in Canada, flew a Cessna, White water rafted on 6 different rivers, hiked in 12 states and 3 countries, parasailed over Lake Tahoe, rollerbladed at a Vans Skate Park, went camping at the Red River Gorge, Rock Climbed in North Carolina, did a back country trip for 5 days in the woods, flew on a trapeze and performed a catch.

Performed in:
Deadlock (ha), Oklahoma!, Fools, Guys and Dolls, Steel Magnolias, Roads (175 shows), Baby with the Bathwater, Naomi in the Living Room, StoryBox, Standprov, Page to Stage, 3 years of Shadowbox Shows,
A Christmas Carol (2 years), Finalist in a Rock and Roll Karaoke Semi-finals at Roxy's 2 years in a row, Vanities, 3 years of Jove Shows, Beauty and the Beast, Really, Created a two person improv troupe called I'm with Stupid. Ended a two person improv troupe called I'm With Stupid. Karaoke finals at Fosters.
Performed in the Maltz Jupiter Theater's Talent competition, badly. Started my own Improv troupe, The Rejects. Ended my own Improv Troupe, The Rejects.

Performed with-Michael Winslow and Garrett Morris, met Bruce Campbell.
Was in a Duffy’s commercial
Did a crap job in a Labor Finders Training Video

Wrote a Comic book

Was on Burn Notice 3 times.  NECK BOMB!

Went to San Diego ComicCon twice and plan on going again this year.

Was interviewed on a podcast.

Met Christopher Moore. Sent him my web comic. Met Jim Butcher.

Published a web comic. Spoke on a panel at a comic book convention.

Took 2 Stand up Classes. Performed my first routine. And performed at several open mics.

Wrote and Produced 4 shows on my own and donated over $3,000 to Gilda’s Club.

Visited New York City and touristed it up by myself.

Cruised twice to the Bahamas as an adult.

Rappelled off a building for charity.  With a torn rotator cuff.

Went Sky Diving.

Wrote a parody song and performed it at my brother's wedding.

Went Hang Gliding.

Shaved my head for charity.

Bold are things I've done since my last Bucket List post.

What's on your list?

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