Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A glimpse into the Guarded Area.

No. I don't mean THAT Guarded Area. Gross.

I had a rough day today.  I'm not even sure why.  The tragedy in Boston. The letdown of the skydiving experience being over. Not looking cool in front of the hip skydivers while I yarfed. Weird rehearsal and late nights. Basically, all this piled up and I acted like a jerk to a lot of people while crying on and off for the entire day.  I had no control over my emotions or over my anger.

So, I made a promise to myself to take care of me tonight.  I ran the errands I needed to run right after work so I wouldn't need to leave the house again.  I bribed the dog with a walk and new toys. I made a light dinner as I'm still feeling off and queasy.  I watched comedies. I drank lemonade, then water and avoided the bottle of Malbec that was staring me in the face.  I walked the dog one final time and was about to head to bed at 10 so that my 6:00 am alarm didn't cause this non-morning person too much distress.

Then things went to hell.  I started talking to my roommate as I ate a few spoonfuls of lemon sorbet.  The next time I looked at the clock, it was 10:40 and I excused myself, called Kevin and went into my room to prep for slumber.

"Take your melatonin.  It'll help you sleep and calm your legs," I said to myself, and headed towards the bathroom.  As I approached the vanity, I noticed a build up of toothpaste in the bottom of the sink. "THIS WILL NOT DO!" I thought, reaching under the sink for my Green Works wipes. Cleaning the counter means moving beauty product, as I'm an addict.  Moving beauty product means more cleaning. My toothbrush cup was dirty. The cotton ball holder was empty and dirty...and needed Q-tips! The Q-tips were in a drawer that wouldn't open all the way as it was blocked by the linen closet door, so shift everything in the closet til it opens. The mirror was smeared. I had to go back out to the kitchen for product. I came back in and scrubbed. These beauty products should go under the sink as I use them infrequently. Oooo. An anti stress face mask! I need that.

It's like a weird Andy Warhol of selfies.

I go to the kitchen to put the product back AND CLEAN ALL THE COUNTERS IN THE DARK. I fluff pillows in the living room. Move some stuff around so the place looks organized. Drape blankets dramatically.

Then I go back in my room and say, "I should blog about this."

THEN, and only then do I take the melatonin, brush my teeth, wash the blue gunk off my face, pop out my eyeballs, pet Kevin, clean off my dresser, write a blog and NOW I will go to bed. Maybe.  I'll probably watch my skydiving video again.

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