Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Start spreading the news....

I'll explain this later.

All right. If you follow me on the face pages you know that I absolutely fell in love with New York. It was the best 4 days of this year (and as we're only at February 15th, that's pretty good!) This may be a boring blog about me on vacation, but you should read it. It's gonna be really good. Maybe. I dunno. I haven't had much sleep and have consumed way more alcohol than I probably should have in the short amount of time I was gone...and yesterday, as it was Valentine's Day and that's what we singles do.

A little background. My friend, Tiffany, has been badgering me to visit her in NYC. But, with trips to LA for conventions and family vacations taking up my precious time off, I had never gotten around to it. In a previous blog, I mentioned that another friend of mine was starting to mark things off of her bucket list, and I (on a whim which is how I live my life these days) decided to book a flight to New York, so that I could mark that off of my list. As I clicked the confirm button on my JetBlue order, I knew that it was going to be a life changing event, one that I desperately needed. I planned it for the weekend before Valentine's Day. I'm single, so felt this would be a gift to myself...much healthier than chocolate.

The week prior to the trip was crazy. Work blew up, my legs were wrecked from working out, and I was out of sorts. The big day came and I was stuck at work until 4:00pm, with my flight leaving at 5:30pm. Rushed drive to the airport, quick goodbye to my mom and I was paying $2 for my luggage. Nice. Hopped aboard, and was offered Popcorn Chips as a snack. Nice again.

I nearly ran from the plane to set foot in a city that has always called to me. Baggage came out quickly, was 2nd in line for a cab and barked street names in a cool, New York way that I had been mentally rehearsing for most of the flight. We zigged and zagged, and I looked out the window at a perfectly full moon bracketed by the steel and stone girders of a beautiful bridge. This was gonna be great!

I got to Tiffany's place, and paid the cabbie. My not so little duffel, backpack from my UWP days, and my bright orange pea coat surely screamed TOURIST to passersby. I called my friend, and there was no answer. She was on the subway, heading towards me and her home, but I did not know that. I panicked for a moment, then told myself that I am a grown woman so there was no need to panic. Duffel, backpack, pea coat and I headed down the block to a diner with flashing neon lights and Greek waiters who were more than generous with their attention and their compliments. I ordered breakfast for dinner, and awaited my friends arrival. I was in New York City, sitting in a booth in a diner, and sipping decaf. This was going to be great.

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