Monday, December 6, 2010

I don't want to go off on a rant here...

...but what is with the freaking car decals indicating the number of family members, pets, and the interests of every single family member that are present on almost every mini-van I see on the road these days?

I hate them. And everything they stand for.

I think it's great that Dad plays soccer. And that Mom likes to do Yoga. And I think it's adorable that the kids love Disney. But really? Do you think it's wise to publicize a)the number of people living within your household; b) the number and type of pet you have and c)what your children like? How easy would it be for Mr. Scary Man with intent to steal from/kill/rape you to sneak into your home knowing that you have a fluffy little dog that he just has to take out with tranquilizer laced hamburger meat? Or a bag of catnip for your cute little kitty that you have plastered on there. Or for someone to watch you drop your child off at school, knowing that they are big Mickey fans to use that topic of conversation to convince them to hop in a car with them?

Back when I was a kid, my school taught me all about stranger danger. Don't have your name on your backpack, as a would be kidnapper/rapist/murderer could see it and call you by your name and make you think you know them so they could lure you into their vehicle and you would never be seen again. Maybe I have read one too many Dean Koontz novels, or maybe I am just a paranoid person. Maybe I need to trust more, and delight in this cute, seemingly harmless trend that seems to be sweeping soccer parents everywhere.

Maybe. Or maybe I have a point.

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  1. You totally have a point, and that is EXACTLY my problem with those damn stickers. I just forgot to write about it. lol. :-) We have another item we can add to the "penne noodle" list now...