Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That's life.

I have come up with my personal philosophy on life. It's very "Gump" esque. To me it's not like a box of chocolates. Instead, it's like a toasted whole wheat bagel with cream cheese.

Here's the inspiration to the observation.
I am a creature of habit. I pretty much order the same thing at every restaurant I visit. My friends who know me well know exactly what I get at every location and have been known to order for me (in a sweet way, not a Neanderthal, controlling way.) At Duffy's, where we frequently dine, it's "She'll have the saucy tenders with zucchini and sweet potato fries." At Original Pancake House, it's "French crepes and a side of home fries."

At bagel shops, it's a whole wheat bagel toasted with cream cheese. Without fail. I have deviated from this formula before with disastrous results. So, I order my carb feast in wax paper, and I eat. Bite after bite, I luxuriate in the rich creamy cheese, the crisp toasted exterior and the softer interior. And then, it happens. The one bite that, for some reason, tastes like onion. I obviously did not order an onion bagel, yet without fail there is that one bite that has been compromised by an onion, and it makes the entire taste experience from then on tinged with onion flavor.

Life is like that bagel. You can be swimming along, with one intention and then something can come out of the blue, unexpectedly, that changes your perspective. At first, I hated that onion bite, but I realized that if it wasn't for that one bite I would never know what it's like to have an onion bagel instead of my boring old wheat.

I have also tossed around the idea of a "crunchy bit in the McDonald's hamburger" philosophy. But that's just gross.


  1. "If we took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy, would it?"


  2. Thanks, Brink! I didn't notice your comment til today, and I must say that Monty Python is a great way to start the day!